Monday, 7 May 2012

Review~Intuition by J. Meyers

3 stars

Title: Intuition
Author: J. Meyers
Published: October 2011

Intuition is a very short story at only 18 pages long but I rather enjoyed it. This bonus story was released before Intangible which I didn't realise and I read it after the main story but it was fine, I think you can read Intuition before or after Intangible, it adds to the story either way. But I think knowing what I know now I would read it as my starting point, It gives us the main premise for Intangible.

What I really like about Intuition was that it took just one event and concentrate on it. It wasn't a novella with things going on here there and everywhere or a typical short story. What it is is a glimpse into the lives of Luke and Sera and the things they face everyday. We get to see just the two of them for some time before they help the injured man up the mountain.

It was really nice to see the twins together this way, we learn just how close they are and how much they need and appreciate each other. I believe Intuition is a free ebook at the moment and it's defiantly worth the read. It's a nice set up for Intangible and I recommend both books.


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